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Furcifer species

Furcifer nicosiai in Kirindy 2017

Furcifer nicosiai

First description: Jesu, Mattioli & Schimmenti, 1999 Distribution: Furcifer nicosiai only occurs in dry, hot western Madagascar. The rainy season in these dry forests is restricted to few months a year. This species is...
Furcifer angeli Männchen 2016

Furcifer angeli

First description: Brygoo & Domergue, 1968 Distribution: Furcifer angeli lives in the dry forests of northwest Madagascar. The distribution area extends from Ankarafantsika national park until some residual forests close to Port Berger. The...

Furcifer antimena

First description: Grandidier, 1872 Distribution: Furcifer antimena inhabits the spiny forests and savannah edges of dry and hot southwest Madagascar. Best time to find these animals is from the mid of February to the...
Furcifer balteatus male

Furcifer balteatus

First description: Dumeril & Bibron , 1851 Distribution: This species exclusively lives in the mountain rainforests of Ranomafana and Ifandiana. Sometimes they also climb in lush, high grown secondary vegetation. If you walk along...
Furcifer belalandaensis

Furcifer belalandaensis

First description: Brygoo & Domergue, 1970 Distribution: Furcifer belalandaensis lives in the dry residues of spiny forests at Madagascar’s southwest coast. The name-giving village Belalanda is located few kilometers north of Toliara (Tuléar). But...
Furcifer bifidus

Furcifer bifidus

First description: Brongniart, 1800 Distribution:

Furcifer campani

First description: Grandidier, 1872 Distribution: Furcifer campani exclusively occurs in the foothills of the Malagasy southern highlands. You can find it at elevations up to 2000 meters. The best chances to find Furcifer campani...
Furcifer labordi Weibchen

Furcifer labordi

First description: Grandidier, 1872 Distribution: Furcifer labordi lives in western Madagascar, where it is enormously hot and dry. Only in spring there is a short rainy season, the other times of the year the...
Furcifer lateralis

Furcifer lateralis

First description: Gray, 1831 Distribution: Furcifer lateralis can be found in Madagascar’s central highlands and along the eastcoast from southern regions to somewhat north of the capital, whereby they settle different habitats from relatively...
Furcifer major

Furcifer major

First description: Brygoo, 1971 Distribution: Furcifer major is native to Madagascar’s dry, hot south. Its distribution area reaches from Mangoky river to Andringitra mountains, down to Faux Cap and Fort Dauphin. It lives in...