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The chameleon


Where to buy?

Once you have clarified what species of chameleon you want to keep and have already prepared a terrarium, an important question arises: Where do you get your chameleon from?   Pet shop Like guinea...
Furcifer lateralis südliches Hochland 2018

How much is a chameleon?

Keeping and breeding chameleons is relatively costly compared to other pets. Each chameleon has to be kept in its own terrarium, which takes up a lot of space, but also means more effort. The...

Law and order

Sorry, this entry is only available in German. Alle Chamäleons gehören geschützten Arten an, so dass die Haltung im Terrarium bestimmten Regeln unterliegt. Man muss Chamäleons beispielsweise bei der Behörde anmelden, wenn man sie...