Chameleons among each other Most chameleons, e.g. Furcifer pardalis, can only be kept individually, as they are very aggressive within the species. Pairings are often only possible for the duration of the pairing itself. The chameleons do not necessarily have to bite or attack each other, only the presence of a second animal can lead to death due to the stress caused in the oppressed animal. Young animals can often still be reared in groups, but already at the age of a few months, the chameleons have to be accommodated individually. In some African chameleon species, it may be possible to keep couples or groups with ample space. In such cases, alternative terrariums should always be provided, because not every individual gets along with partner animals. Also, some pair-holds of Calumma parsonii are known. Such groups should be kept exclusively by experienced owners, who know the individuals for years and notice also small signs of incompatibilities. In pairs that have been kept together from a young age on, it may happen that males do not want to mate or females become gravid much too early. In case of doubt, keeping chameleons solitary is always a safe option. Housing chameleons together … Continue reading Cohabitation