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AG ARK Vortrag Laube

We regularly give talks about Madagascan chameleons at conferences, in DGHT-city groups or at other associations interested in terraristics. If you want to experience Madagascar’s chameleons “live”, but can’t visit the island yourself, you can sniff the rainforest air while staying dry and get to know rare chameleons without any effort there. If there is no lecture planned near you, maybe just ask the nearest terraristic group. Madagascar is a much sought-after topic and is always welcome in the program. Apart from the lectures shown below, we are always open to inquiries about lectures on other topics related to Madagascar, such as leaf-tailed geckos, day geckos, a specific chameleon species or lectures on specific regions.

Topic Date, time
Host Location
Madagascar – Land of chameleons geckos 12th April 2019
Spring conference of
AG Amphibian and reptile diseases
H Plus-Hotel
Theresienhöhe 99
Pulse measurements on eggs from Calumma parsonii parsonii 25th May 2019
Conference of AG Chameleons Stadtverwaltung
Karmeliterstraße 2
56154 Boppard
Leaf chameleons from Madagaskar
– more than “small brown critters”
26th May 2019
Tagung der AG Chamäleons Stadtverwaltung
Karmeliterstraße 2
56154 Boppard
probably three different talks (geckos, chameleons, Madagascar in general) 27th/28th/29th September 2019 4. Vivaristics weekend
of the Austrian Association for Vivaristics and Ecology
1150 Vienna
Protein electrophoresis and bile acids in blood of Furcifer pardalis 16th November 2019 Autumn conference of
AG Amphibian and reptile diseases
Hessen Hotelpark Hohenroda
Schwarzengrunder Straße 9
36284 Hohenroda
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