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Here we would like to present which expeditions we will undertake this year in Madagascar to find animals, take photos and collect further data. And of course, which chameleon species can be found on the expeditions. If you would like to join us and experience Madagascar and its chameleons up close, please feel free to contact us. And don’t worry – our accommodations are quite normal and a cold beer is always waiting for us when we come back from the forest. Our trips to Madagascar are run by Tanalahorizon. Tanalahorizon has 26 years of travel and chameleon experience on the island, so you are in the very best hands.

Since November 2021 the entry from Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States to Madagascar is possible again!


Wild Mission Madagascar

Date: 21.04. – 13.05.2022
(three weeks)
maximal 8 Teilnehmer

Our journey begins in the capital, Antananarivo, in the central highlands. The very next morning we take the plane to Antsiranana (Diego Suarez) at the northernmost tip of Madagascar. With sun, warmth, and beautiful panther chameleons we get to know each other and get in the right mood for the coming weeks by the pool. Our first destination is the famous Amber Mountain. We camp on a clearing in the middle of the rainforest. A real chameleon paradise awaits us. Three species of terrestrial chameleons alone can be found here on a few square meters, plus gentle giants like Calumma ambreense and of course our personal favorite, Furcifer timoni. After this gentle introduction to Madagascar’s wilderness, we head off-road to Andrafiamena, the habitat of the black sifaka. These lemurs are among the 25 rarest primates on earth. In Ankarana, a dry forest, we will look for Furcifer petteri and admire the local form of panther chameleons. Then we increase the sense of adventure. We will drive 160 km offroad to Daraina, a dry and hot gold mining area. In an adjacent forest live the last gold-crowned sifakas. The chameleon world here is almost unexplored; hardly anyone knows what is really here. We are here to find out just that!

At the end of our trip, we have an absolute highlight. We travel all the way to Sambava, the capital of vanilla in northeastern Madagascar. Here we stock up on food supplies and then make our way to Marojejy. The mountainous rainforest of Marojejy with its deep gorges and steep slopes is still largely unexplored. It is visited by only a dozen travelers a year. The walk to the heights of the rainforest is more than exhausting, but the camping in the middle of the rainforest and the incredible abundance of animals compensate for it. Marojejy is a treasure trove of chameleons and other reptiles. But Marojejy is also real adventure, pristine, untouched, and mysterious: the real wilderness of Madagascar! The most colorful terrestrial chameleon in the world, Brookesia vadoni, lives here in a tiny area of rainforest. In addition, Calumma guillaumeti, Calumma jejy, Calumma marojezense, Brookesia griveaudi and Brookesia therezieni occur at different altitudes. In recent years several chameleons have just been discovered in Marojejy, including Calumma tedi and Calumma uetzi. We will search intensively for chameleons and try to discover all species that occur there – even those that are still undescribed. And this rainforest has quite a few of them… With incredible memories in our luggage, we finally descend to the village at the end of our three-week trip to go back to Sambava. There we can relax a little. After an amazing trip full of adventures and experiences, we finally head back to the capital, Antananarivo. The farewell will be hard for all of us!


Furcifer timoni

One of the most beautiful chameleon species of Madagascar – in our opinion.

Calumma ambreense

The gentle giants of Amber Mountain are very special chameleons.

Brookesia confidens

One of the smallest species lives in Ankarana’s dry forest.

Calumma marojezense

This species can be found in Marojejy close to our tents.


Furcifer petteri

We will discover this pretty species in several destinations of our travel.

Brookesia vadoni

The most colorful chameleon of the world lives on the steep slopes of Marojejy.

Brookesia tedi

This tiny chameleon has been described in 2019 for the first time.

Calumma linotum

The blue-nosed chameleons are an easy find.


Local form Antsiranana

These panther chameleons can be found around Diego Suarez easily.

Local form Sambava

This is a lovely local form that can be found around Sambava city.

Local form Marojejy

A rather unknown local form of panther chameleons, but a beautiful one.

Local form Ankarana East

The dry forest of Ankarana is also home to panther chameleons.


Furcifer oustaleti

This species is probably the most common in Madagascar.

Brookesia ebenaui

A beautiful species of rainforest leaf chameleons.

Calumma amber

An underestimated, pretty species from northern Madagascar.

Calumma guillaumeti

We will look for this species in Marojejy really up high.


Brookesia tuberculata

You will only find these dwarfs if you know where to look for.

Calumma peyrierasi

An exciting chameleon we will look for in Marojejy.

Calumma uetzi

The “rainbow chameleon” was described just recently.

Brookesia antakarana

An easy to find species in Amber Mountain rainforest.


Brookesia stumpffi

Another common leaf chameleon of northern Madagascar.

Brookesia karchei

A tiny chameleon from the sacred mountains of Marojejy.

Calumma jejy

We have not met this species in-person – time to find it!

Brookesia griveaudi

A species we can easily find besides our tents in the wilderness.



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