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Zucht und Nachzucht

Furcifer pardalis Baby

Rearing offspring

When you successfully mated your chameleons, the female laid her eggs also successfully and egg incubations went well, it is time for the juveniles to hatch and thus you have to rear the offspring....
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Hatching Chameleon keepers still discuss what provokes a clutch to hatch simultaneously. Changes in barometric pressure as it is the case with beginning, on-going precipitation may play a role. Depending on the species, a...
Eier Gelege Inkubation

Incubation of eggs

Successful breeding of a chameleon species is the goal of many engaged chameleon keepers. Only who breeds chameleons can help a species survive and last in captitvity. Additionally, captive bred chameleons decrease the demand ...
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Gravidity and egg deposition

Gravidity A successful mating between female and male of a chameleon species is followed by gravidity. Right after mating, the female usually does not want to be with the male anymore. In Madagascar, mating...

(Deutsch) Die Paarung

How old should a chameleon be for first mating? Generally, sexual maturity in chameleons is determined by weight rather than age. A quick grown chameleon female might be much earlier receptive than a slowely...