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Brookesia brunoi

Brookesia brunoi

First description: Crottini, Miralles, Glaw, Harris, Lima & Vences, 2012 Origin of the species name: Angelica Crottini from the University of Porto (Portugal) named this chameleon after her partner Bruno Grassi. In addition, the...

Furcifer timoni

First description: Glaw, Köhler & Vences 2009 Origin of the species name: The German herpetologist Frank Glaw dedicated this species to his son Timon. Frank Glaw works in the State Zoological Collection in Munich...

Furcifer voeltzkowi

  First description: Boettger, 1893 Origin of the species name: The paleontologist Oskar Böttger, then curator of the Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt am Main, dedicated this chameleon species to the German zoologist Alfred Voeltzkow....