Expedition Blog Day 13: Loky Manambato – Ambilobe – Ankarana

We leave Loky Manambato and clear the camp. We go off-road until we reach the RN5 – in the light, we can almost see a path in places. The RN5 is freshly asphalted and we reach Ambilobe sooner than expected. There is only a pee break with a chameleon before we continue to Mahamasina. And also the RN6 surprises us today with asphalt and rolled gravel, which was not the case a few months before. So we can move into our cabins in Mahamasina relatively early, directly opposite the entrance to Ankarana National Park. Here, by the way, everything goes very, very slowly – mora, mora – and such a meal can sometimes take hours. That’s why we prefer to look for animals in the surroundings – day geckos can be found on every fourth tree and panther chameleons can also be found from time to time.

Tip: It’s best to open it on YouTube, click on “Full screen” in the bottom right-hand corner, and set the settings cog under “Quality” to HD!


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