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Furcifer bifidus in Vavatenina 2018 (1)

Furcifer bifidus

First description: (Brongniart, 1800) Origin of the species name: The French zoologist and geologist Alexandre Brongniart taught about mineralogy at the Natural History Museum in Paris (France), but was also interested in reptiles and...
Furcifer pardalis Lokalform Lac Ampitabe

Local form Ampitabe

Distribution of the local form Ampitabe: Lake Ampitabe is located about 90 km south of Toamasina (Tamatave), only about 200 m away from the Indian Ocean on the east coast of Madagascar. At the...

Local form Toamasina (Tamatave)

Distribution of the local form Toamasina: Toamasina, better known under its former French name Tamatave, is located on Madagascar’s east coast at the Indian Ocean. It is the capital of Atsinanana region. With 180.000...
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