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Water supply

Chameleons in Madagascar can be seen drinking mainly during rain and in the morning. They do not drink from stagnant water but actively take in moving water from plants or branches in particular. There...
Nebel über Ranomafana

Fog and foggers

What is fog? Fog is actually nothing more than a cloud hanging very close above the ground. It occurs when the temperature of the air and the dew point are almost the same. Fog...
Wasserfall in Ranomafana

Fountains and waterfalls

The pet shop offers a variety of colourful boxes with indoor fountains, small waterfalls or terrarium fountains. Many chameleon keepers expect a beautiful terrarium decoration from waterfalls and fountains, which also encourages drinking. This...


In the picture: 1 protective caps, 2 ventilation hole, 3 drip chamber, 4 roller clamp Drippers are perfect to ensure your chameleon’s water supply inside a cage. In a well equipped cage with soil...