How to clean lime deposits on glass

Chameleon owners with extremely hard tap water at home will know the problem: After some weeks of running your sprinkler system, all glass panes are whitishly sprinkled with ugly lime deposits. But there are opportunities to get your glass panes transparent and clean again:

  • Citric acid: You can buy it online or in DIY stores in buckets as a powder. Mix it with water and you get rid of even the toughest limescale. You can also use simple lemon juice from your nearby supermarket.
  • Vinegar essence: Can be bought in bottles in well-stocked supermarkets.
  • Oak bark extract: It is a little more expensive, but also effective. You can find it in aquarium stores or specialized pet shops. Originally oak extract is used to lower the ph level of aquarium water, but it can be used also to clean your glass panes from lime deposits.
  • Ceramic hub cleaner: If you have limescale from many years on your glass panes, a ceramic hub cleaner from the kitchen will do the rough job.

Example for a small reverse osmosis system

After removing the lime deposits, please thoroughly clean your glass panes with warm water and wipe dry. Doing this you avoid residues the chameleon could ingest when licking water from the cage sides.

If you do not want to clean your cages regularly, you will be satisfied by using distilled water for your raining or sprinkler systems. You can buy it in supermarkets, DIY shops or petrol stations. Actually, the “distilled” water you can buy there is usually not distilled, but demineralized water. Who needs large amounts can buy a reverse osmosis system to produce his own soft water at home. These waters do not harm the chameleons’ health, your plants stay green and the glass planes transparent – it just costs a little more.

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