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Furcifer angeli

First description: (Brygoo & Domergue, 1968) Origin of the species name: The two zoologists Édouard-Raoul Brygoo and Charles Antoine Domergue of the Natural History Museum in Paris (France) named the species in honour of...
Brookesia decaryi in Ankarafantsika 2018

Brookesia decaryi

First description: Angel, 1939 Origin of the species name: Fernand Angel described this chameleon species on the basis of prepared animals that were kept in the Natural History Museum of Paris (France). The chameleons...
Furcifer rhinoceratus in Ankarafantsika 2017

Furcifer rhinoceratus

First description: (Gray, 1845) Origin of the species name: The English zoologist John Edward Gray described the species very briefly and named it after the Latin rhinoceros. By this, he meant the different pronounced...