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Construction manual for a Parson’s cage

This construction manual is from one of our young Calumma parsonii parsonii‘s cages that we built by ourselves (as almost all of our chameleon cages). We assume no liability for mistakes in lengths or...

Instructions for buildiMaterial required: profile forex terrarium

This construction manual belongs to a terrarium we designed and built ourselves, which we use for medium-sized chameleons. The external dimensions of the terrarium are 65 cm deep, 110 cm wide and 180 cm...
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Construction manual for an offspring cage

This construction manual is from our own cages and designed for Calumma parsonii parsonii offspring. We planned and built them by ourselves. We assume no liability for mistakes in lengths or sizes. 😉 In...

Building a cage – which material?

Glass Cages made of glass belong to the oldest in keeping reptiles, and have been staying keepers in good stead for years. Unfortunately, many standard glass cages in common shops are not suitable for...
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