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Calumma species

Calumma radamanus, Nosy Mangabe 2015

Calumma radamanus

First description: Mertens, 1933 Distribution: Calumma radamanus is only native to the rainforests around the Bay of Antongil in northeast Madagascar. This includes the Masoala National Park with its paradise island of Nosy Mangabe...
Calumma roaloko male 2019 (1)

Calumma roaloko

First description: Prötzel, Lambert, Andrianasolo, Hutter, Cobb, Scherz and Glaw, 2018 Distribution: This recently described chameleon species is only known from a small strip of rainforest near Vohidrazana in central eastern Madagascar. The small...
Calumma tjiasmantoi, male, 2018

Calumma tjiasmantoi

First description: Prötzel, Scherz, Ratsoavina, Vences & Glaw, 2020 Distribution: Calumma tjiasmantoi is only known from the rainforests of the southeast of Madagascar. It is best found in the Ranomafana National Park in the...